Cronuts (Croissant Donuts)

Cronuts (Croissant Donuts)

Being curious about this new fad, I read over several posts and recipes for making cronuts. Most recipes used a homemade dough; a few recipes, though, included ready-to-bake crescent rolls. One similar recipe used ready-to-bake biscuits. (Wait, if I use biscuit dough, am I making cronuts? Should they be called biscnuts?)

Using the seamless crescent sheet, I followed the recipe’s direction regarding folding and layering the dough. With a circle-shaped cookie cutter and a decorating tip (for the center hole), I easily made the first two cronuts. Reshaping the dough a couple more times, I was able to make four more cronuts. I baked them in a donut pan. When they finished baking, and I took the pan out of the oven to cool, I noticed that the two donuts which were shaped first came out in a perfect round doughnut shape. The other four, which were results from shaping and reshaping the dough, looked mutated, with lines and bumps everywhere. Was this a result of overworking the dough, or did I not work it enough to give it the right shape?

I made a simple glaze of confectioner’s sugar and milk and dipped the tops of each cronut into the glaze.   In groups of two, I finished off the cronuts with cookie crunch topping, colored sprinkles, or a savory blend of rosemary leaves and freshly ground nutmeg..  Frosting and decorating the cronuts did help cover up some of the bumps and bruises.

cronuts 3


2 thoughts on “Cronuts (Croissant Donuts)

  1. The “Cronuts” look and sound like I’d enjoy them. I like your idea of the rosemary leaves and nutmeg. Not sounding so sweet, this would be a nice compliment to soup. Thanks for the idea.

  2. Thanks Ann. The Rosemary-Nutmeg cronut was my favorite of the three. I suppose the reason for that is I rarely eat croissants or biscuits as a breakfast item (although, occasionally I will have biscuits and gravy along with my eggs, bacon and hash browns). I think of crescent rolls and biscuits more along the lines of a dinner roll or sandwich bread. That’s just me, though – everyone has there own preferences.

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