Biscuit Donuts, part 2

I realize that with this third posting, the site is starting to look as if it is devoted solely to donuts.  That is not the case.  I simply was checking out the recipes on my favorite recipe website ( when I came across a recipe called Cinnamon Fruit Biscuits.  The biscuits in the accompanying photo looked like donuts to me.  (Obviously, I had donuts on the mind from what I had baked a few days earlier.)

Not only did I still have a container of refrigerated biscuits, I had all the other required ingredients.  The prep time was short, as was the baking time, and besides, I needed something for breakfast.  I substituted orange marmalade for the strawberry jam.  Then, I substituted cardamom for the cinnamon, thinking this to be a better spice to complement the orange flavor.

I was very pleased with the end product.  When I first opened the oven door, the spicy orange scent reminded me of the orange sweet rolls I had as a child.  The biscuits were crunchy on the outside and warm on the inside.  The cardamom sugar and orange marmalade were certainly a combination that made this biscuit a breakfast treat to have again and again.

The photo below is Taste of Home’s picture of their fruited biscuits.  A photo of my orange biscuits can be found on the Recipes page along with the recipe for the Orange Cardamom Biscuits.


2 thoughts on “Biscuit Donuts, part 2

  1. I’m usually not a person who likes sweets for breakfast, but I may have to give the cardamom/sugar/orange combo a try. I’m drinking some cinnamon cardamom tea as I read this and feeling inspired!

  2. Hi Baker man, These biscuit donuts with orange sound like the smells from the oven
    would wet my taste buds immediately! I’m not familiar with cardamom, but would
    like the cinnamon with the orange.

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