Is Gluten-Free Meant to Be?

So, I am still willing to give gluten-free cooking a try.  With a renal-restricted diet – limit sodium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorous – one more thing to monitor is making it even harder to find foods to prepare.  Many low-fat and low-sodium foods were not necessarily prepared without phosphorous.  (Check the ingredients – notice words like disodium phosphate or phosphoric acid?) There are many brands which offer gluten-free products, but what is the sodium content of these foods?  Believe me, I’ve gotten good at checking labels on foods (though there are still times when I feel lazy and make a purchase without checking the labels).


I purchased King Arthurs’s gluten-free all-purpose flour and muffin mix, Cherrybrook Kitchen’s Gluten Free Dreams Pancake Mix, and Betty Crocker’s Bisquick Gluten Free. Now, we’ll just gloss over the fact that I shouldn’t have purchased the Bisquick due to the fact that two of the ingredients contain the word phosphate – but that was my error, not Betty Crocker’s.

It was morning, time for breakfast and I wanted pancakes.  I reach for the Bisquick Gluten Free and begin to read the directions on the box.  As with regular Bisquick, the back of the box contains directions for preparing pancakes, waffles, and biscuits.  When I saw the word “waffles,” I thought, “Mmm, waffles would be even better than pancakes.” I prepare the waffle batter exactly as the directions stated.  I pour some batter onto the waffle iron pan.  The heat level on the stove is medium, the temperature I use with this waffle iron.  I flip the pan after a couple of minutes.  A couple of minutes later, a lot of smoke is coming from the waffle iron – fortunately, the smoke detector did not go off.  I turn off the burner, remove the waffle iron, and open it up to find the waffle sticking to either side of the scallops.  This was a surprise, as less time has passed than usual when making waffles with this pan.

Wait, I know what went wrong.  What was I thinking?  I sprayed the scallops of the waffle maker with non-stick cooking spray.  I should have rubbed oil onto the scallops.  How could I make this rookie mistake?  After cleaning the pan and disposing of the evidence – it tasted fine, not burnt, just in pieces instead of being a whole waffle – I decided to give it another try.  There was still batter left.  This time, having prepared the waffle maker with cooking oil, I was confident that I would have a waffle come out of the pan as one complete waffle.


No, that’s not what happened. In fact, it not only stuck to the surface again, but this time, it also burned, and in a shorter period of time.  What was I not doing correctly? The directions on Bisquick Gluten Free state that waffles should be cooked for five minutes or until the steam stops.  Is that it? No special precautions?  Okay, so what did I do wrong?

The waffle maker is a Nordic Ware, a good quality product.  The only time I’ve burned waffles on it was when I have used cooking spray instead of vegetable oil on the pan.  Otherwise, I’ve always been pleased with the waffles it makes. What about these gluten-free waffles?  It seems as if a lower temperature was needed for this gluten free mix.  Who has made gluten-free pancakes and waffles before?  What successes and failures have you experienced?  Have you tried more than one brand of mix?  Which brand are you most satisfied with? Anything special to keep in mind when making gluten-free pancakes and waffles?  Please share your experiences in the comments section.

Next up, I will try the Cherrybrook Kitchen’s mix – after all it has chocolate chips in the mix.


One thought on “Is Gluten-Free Meant to Be?

  1. Hi Bakerman, I’d “stick” with whatever has the chocolate chips in it!
    Since I don’t cook I’m not helpful but loved reading and seeing the photos
    of what should have been one great breakfast! Keep with anything chocolate.l

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