Eat to Starve Cancer

I know I’ve reposted a lot this week.  I’d say that my arm is still sore from surgery, but I haven’t spent any less time on the keyboard.

I enjoy watching the various videos on TED and TED Ed.  The link below is for a presentation from cancer researcher William Li.  Instead of focusing on what not to eat, he focused on what to eat, as a means to combat cancer.  He does not get into specific foods until almost 13 minutes into the video.  At that point, you will see a long list of fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

berries - rich in antioxidants

berries – rich in antioxidants


One thought on “Eat to Starve Cancer

  1. Baker Man, you’re full of great info today. Yes, I’ve had breast cancer twice and was
    very interested in the video from Dr. Ted. I’ll will surely add some products he listed and continue with the fruits and veggies I eat now. Thanks for finding this. A+ for you!

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