Gluten-Free Pancakes


A couple of weeks ago, I made waffles with Bisquick Gluten Free and was very disappointed in it. This morning, I made pancakes, using Cherrybrook Kitchen’s Gluten Free Dreams Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix. It is rice flour-based, something I am learning to tolerate more and more as I attempt to cut back on gluten.

The directions require rice milk, so that is what I used. I have only used rice milk once before, and I remember it being a much thinner consistency than milk. I kept this in mind, thinking I might need to add more dry mix to thicken out the batter.  I often do this anyway when making pancakes.

I prepared the batter as instructed – 1 cup mix, 3/4 cup rice milk, and 2 tsp. vegetable oil.  After stirring the ingredients together, the instructions say to let the batter rest for five minutes, and so I did.

The pan heated and oiled, I added spoonfuls of batter, which ran into each other.  I was able to push them back into individual pancakes.  After two minutes (as instructed by the box’s directions), it looked as if the pancakes were ready to flip. So, I tried flipping the first pancake, which broke apart.  I turned the heat up on the stove and waited another minute before flipping the next pancake, but it came apart as well.  Same thing with the third pancake in the pan.  Aside from not being whole pancakes, they looked okay, and in fact they tasted okay.  Sorry, no pictures of the finished product.  I was too hungry to take pictures, eating each pancake as I removed it from the pan.  As I ate the first three pancakes, the remaining batter had rested a few more minutes; which I would discover to be important.

You’ve heard saying, “Third time’s the charm”? Well, in this scenario, the 4th time was the charm, as was the 5th and 6th times..   Right away, I noticed a difference as the batter hit the pan.  It was firmer and did not run. Not only that, as I flipped each pancake, they remained intact, eventually exiting the pan as nice round pancakes. With a little butter on top, these three pancakes were a tasty breakfast entrée.  I had to adapt the directions several times – let the batter rest for ten minutes (and not five), cook at  a setting closer to medium- heat (rather than medium-low), and flip the pancakes after 3-4 minutes (and not simply two).  Now, anyone who cooks knows that directions are guidelines.  You start with the instructions, adapting them along the way as needed.  For that reason,  I found Cherrybrook Kitchen’s Gluten Free Dreams Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix to be a success, and I would use it again.


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