Gummy Bear Layer Cake

Gummy Bear Layer Cake


Clever idea, very colorful, great for a kid’s party.  As gummi bears are rather chewy, though, I wouldn’t think that they are the best for decorating the cake.  In fact, the creator of this cake stated on her blog, “The gummy bears are a lot chewier than I remembered. So as awesome as it looks as a cake decoration, it makes it a little impractical when you are trying to have a bite of everything at once.” Then she added that she did not regret this choice, from people’s reactions to the cake.

I might think that M&M’s or Skittles would be a better candy choice for the decorating of the cake, although not having quite the same “Wow” effect as the gummy bears.  However, it is a beautiful-looking cake, making me want to try it.  You can find the recipe on the blog Raspberri Cupcakes:



Gummy Bear Layer Cake





One thought on “Gummy Bear Layer Cake

  1. Bru, I love the gummy bear cake. In fact, we had gummy bears in a dish when I went to choir practice at the Milwaukee catholic Home this past Tuesday. We were all digging for the red ones. I love that cake – I’d say “make one”!!

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