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I have to admit, I’m an impulse shopper, especially if it is food or something to cook or serve the food.  Over the years, I’ve purchased an electric wok, a quesadilla maker, a pizzelle maker, assorted seasonal shaped cupcake and loaf pans, an espresso maker, and a juice machine  I have developed a little more self-restraint the last few years, though. Instead of buying something right away, I look over the product and price, and then tell myself that I mat buy it when it goes on sale. After-holiday sales are one way to do this; I’ve gotten some Wilton and Nordicware products at really good prices this way, as well a cupcake maker.

Most recently, a toy I’ve wanted – I say toy because it is not a necessity, simply something else to play with in the kitchen – are the tortilla bowl pans. Every time I saw them on TV, I thought, Hey those would be fun to play with.  I show self-restraint and do not make the purchase, thinking that I will wait until they become available in stores wh.ere I can buy them on sale or with a coupon.  Then, last month, there they are, the tortilla bowl pans at an outlet store. So, I bought the set of four pans .


... and look, they tessellate - functional and fun!

… and look, they tessellate – functional and fun!












On the next trip to the grocery store, I purchased white corn tortillas, lean ground beef, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, and fat-free sour cream. For dinner, I made taco bowls with my new pans. I followed the box’s directions, baking the shells at 375 degrees for 10 minutes. They came out fine, although the next time I made taco bowls, I kept them in the oven a couple minutes longer, wanting the shells to be crispier. If I had to give a consumer review, I would say that these tortilla pans work as promised.


I added the beef and cheese to the tortilla bowls before baking.

I added the beef and cheese to the tortilla bowls before baking. Since I like cheese, I had two layers of cheese, under and on top of the beef.

Dinner is served!

Dinner is served!




2 thoughts on “As Seen on TV

  1. I just ate some reuben cassorle my cook made – Mother’s recipe. Corn beef, swiss cheese, rye bread cubes and 1000 island dressing. um, I love your recipe for the tortillas, in the tortilla bowls, with loads of cheese. Very tasty looking and great presentation. The bowls were a good investment I’d say! ann

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