Baker’s Secret

About th3bak3rman

I love to cook; I especially like to bake. I have a serious sweet tooth, and even though my doctors would like me to cut back on refined sugars, that is not always an easy thing to do.

Friends, family, and colleagues are always complimenting my cooking. Aside from a few classes here and there, I have had no formal training. So, even though I’ve been cooking on my own for 25 years, I consider myself a novice as far as baking and other culinary skills are concerned.

Cooking is a hobby for me, a release. When I retire from my full-time teaching career in 2020, I would like to work in a bakery or do something else that includes this interest of mine.

These blogs will contain my personal reflections as I try to hone my baking skills.

Except where noted, all photos, including background images, are either personal work or images downloaded from or

9 thoughts on “Baker’s Secret

    • Very creative indeed! I liked them all, except for the human faces. [Nothing personal, for some reason, I’ve always found 3-D fruit/vegetable human heads to be a little too creepy looking.] Many of the fruit arrangements would definitely give Edible Arrangements some competition! While I am not a fan of melon, I enjoyed the various watermelon bowl designs. Several of my students would enjoy the Muppet and Angry Birds cupcakes as well as the Bento lunch designs. Finally, while simple in design, the kiwi pig was very clever. Thank you for sharing.

  1. Hi BakerMan… Great site… I’ll be back! By the way, any ideas for healthy, hearty, delicious breakfast muffins. Thinking that the it will be a good way to have the kids start the day with a stomach full of fiber 🙂

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