Breakfast Brownies (Gluten-Free)

Twenty-some years ago when I graduated college and got an apartment, I bought a couple of cookbooks and clipped recipes from the newspaper, so that I could teach myself how to cook a variety of foods, so that I could have a variety of meals.
One of the first recipes I came across was called Morning Brownies. This, of course, appealed to me as it was an excuse to have not only chocolate for breakfast, but brownies to boot!
I still have this recipe, though, I’ve upgraded the newspaper clipping into a typed word document.
As I came across the Morning Brownies recipe the other day, I thought that I should redo it so that it will be gluten-free. I will post the original recipe on the Recipes page of this blog; I also have it posted on as Breakfast Brownies Recipe. Keep reading here for the gluten-free variety.

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Now that’s a cookie!


Where I live, right past the courthouse, is a small shopping area which includes a grocery store called Harvest Market.  Harvest Market carries locally grown produce and a huge assortment of natural, organic and healthy foods.  Everyone who works there is very friendly and helpful.   Close to the register is a table with samples of 4-6 different foods.  The other day, as I entered the store and walked by the table, this box of cookies caught my eye.

It was a box of Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Cookies by Pamela’s Products.  I’ve seen these cookies before in different supermarkets.  What made me notice them this time, was that the package was labeled Gluten-Free.  Since, I’ve recently tried cutting back on gluten (but not my desire for sweets), I wanted to taste this cookie.  Delicious!  It was rich and moist and tasted like a brownie.  Alas!  I’ve found a gluten-free food that does not have a taste which one needs to learn to like.  If you are gluten-free in your diet, and you like chocolate, I highly recommend this cookie.