The Baker Man will soon return (I hope)

Happy 2015!

It’s been at least five months, since I posted anything, and I hope to be back soon.  Without going into a lot detail, the last several months have not been good for me – healthwise, that is.  I went out on disability, retiring from work at the age of 49.  And, while I am home more now than when I was working, I have had little energy to look at or even think about the computer.  Before Christmas rolled around, I also did little to no baking in the last few months.

I did do a little baking over the Christmas season and took some photos of what I baked.  I hope to post those pictures soon as well as get back to reading and responding to other people’s posts.

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Homemade turnovers with a pear-cranberry filling


Eat to Starve Cancer

I know I’ve reposted a lot this week.  I’d say that my arm is still sore from surgery, but I haven’t spent any less time on the keyboard.

I enjoy watching the various videos on TED and TED Ed.  The link below is for a presentation from cancer researcher William Li.  Instead of focusing on what not to eat, he focused on what to eat, as a means to combat cancer.  He does not get into specific foods until almost 13 minutes into the video.  At that point, you will see a long list of fruit, vegetables, and herbs.

berries - rich in antioxidants

berries – rich in antioxidants