Food Technology

Here’s another TED video.  It’s amazing what they are doing, using different foods to taste like other foods.  This is much more than making a cake for April Fools’ Day which resembles a giant cheeseburger.  These two Chicago chefs are creating foods to satisfy customers’ tastes while considering chemistry, local resources, food waste, and people’s dietary needs.

The ocean called, they’re running out of shrimp!

If you know the response to the line in the title, you’re probably a Seinfeld fan. (Not that’s there anything wrong with that.)

Here I am thinking whether or not I had anything to add to my blog.  The TV is on; I’m watching a Seinfeld episode.  This show ended its original run over 15 years ago, yet it’s still relevant and very funny.  Then I had a thought: Is there anything Seinfeld-related that I can put on my blog? Perhaps a recipe for black-and-white cookies.

After googling simply, “Seinfeld food,” I find this site:  There are 10 recipes, each with a color photo of the food and a brief reference of the food to a Seinfeld episode.  And, yes, one of the recipes is for a black-and-white cookie.

That is why I buy unsalted pretzels.

That is why I buy unsalted pretzels.