Apple Pie with Fig and Citrus…

… or you might call it Everything but the Kitchen Sink Pie after reading this.

One thing which I am often guilty of is buying ingredients on a whim and then not using them. I was in the mood for an apple pie. I had three Crispin apples and refrigerated pie crust. I figured that with whatever else is in the fridge or pantry will be enough to make a pie.

I cored and diced the apples and sautéed them on very low heat with a little butter and cinnamon. Then, I thought of adding a little orange zest and juice to the apples for a little tang, and I’ve always liked the combination of orange and cinnamon. No oranges in the fridge, but I did have a tangerine and several kumquats.  Not being patient enough to zest and juice a handful of kumquats, I chose the tangerine. The plan was to add brown sugar to the apples, but then I saw the jar of caramel topping which I bought around Christmastime for a recipe I ended up not making.  So, instead I stirred some caramel into the apples and let it simmer on low heat.  While the apple filling cooked, I prepared the rest of the pie.


This is the apple filling. I know this is a little dark. The light over the stove decided to go out

This is the apple filling. I know the photo is a little dark. The light over the stove decided to go out  just then.

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Layers of Flavor Pies

It’s been two weeks since the surgery and my arm is feeling better. I still do not have full range of motion, but it’s better than it was before. I do not need the pain medicine as much as I did before, so I am also not as tired during the day. I also am getting back my appetite and so will start cooking more. I feel like making a pie, and so I will in the next couple of days. At that time, I’ll post a picture of the finished product. In the meantime, I thought I would share with you a way that I like to jazz up my pies.

Mixing complementary ingredients together makes for a flavorful food; however, layering certain foods lets the individual flavors stand out even more. I like to make pies which I call “Layers of Flavor” containing three layers of complementary deliciousness.   It is also good when there are those times that you want to draw attention away from the fact that you used a ready-made pie filling instead of making homemade pie filling.

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Pi Day (Reblogged from 3 Words a Day)

With everything else going on, I completely forgot that yesterday was Pi Day………

Pi Pie


Never heard of it

Never one to resist a dessert

Never knowing when to stop


Next thing I know

I’ve eaten 3.14 pieces

3 words

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What’s the Ap-peel?

peeled apple isolatedPlease explain to me, why do so many apple pie recipes require one to peel the apples?  I can see removing the skin for cakes, cookies, anything requiring mashing or pureeing the apples. But for pies, crostatas, tarts, turnovers, and the like in which the apples are chopped or diced, what is the purpose of paring the apples?  I do not see where the skin changes the overall taste.  Please reply, sharing your thoughts.

In my kitchen right now are four apples and three pears (the apple’s cousin).  I plan on making a pie in the next couple of days, and guess what?  I’m leaving the skin on the fruit.

apple_2312343b                  ID-1004613