Spring Cleaning in the Kitchen

A few weeks ago, I was going through the fridge and pantry, checking expiration dates of every food item in the house. (Wow, this unopened jar of cream of tartar expired in 2012. Wait, why did I even buy cream of tartar?)

I came across a box of carrot cake mix which would expire in another month.  Hmmm, what should I make with this?

I used about half of the box mix to make a dump cake.  And instead of making one cake, I make several mini-dump cakes in casserole dishes.  I made a pineapple-apple filling, sprinkled on the dry cake mix, poured on the melted butter, and then added shredded coconut and chopped pecans.

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The following week, I combined the rest of the cake mix with some cinnamon, a beaten egg and orange marmalade. I cooked the batter in my donut maker machine, and when they cooled, sprinkled powder sugar on top.

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Spice Cookies

I had a couple of requests to post my recipe for Orange Spice Cookies.  Actually, it’s not my recipe; it’s from one of the Cake Doctor’s books. Feeling too lazy to retype the recipe, I tried several searches in hopes that the recipe is somewhere online.  Using combinations of the key words “cake doctor,” “cake mix cookies” and “orange spice cookies” resulted in search results for numerous recipes.

While I haven’t yet found the recipe I wanted (I guess I’ll have to type it by hand), I found several other cookie recipes which looked and sounded good enough to pin, repost, and save to recipe boxes.

One of the first cookie recipes I discovered was Spice Cake Mix Cookies by Jenny MacKinnel on CookEatShare.com.  The cookies in the photo made my mouth water.  However, as I read the list of ingredients, I thought that there were too many different flavors which might compete with or overpower other flavors in the cookie.  Then, I read over the directions for making the cookie, looked at the photo one more time, and thought that this would not only work, but make for one delicious cookie.

I have reposted this recipe on the Recipes page of this site.  When I make the cookies, I will post my reflections here. Thank you, Jenny Mac Lipsmack (Jenny MacKinnel) for sharing your recipe.