May 11 is National “Eat What You Want” Day

Isn’t everyday Eat What You Want Day?

Foodimentary - National Food Holidays


What would you like to have to eat today?

Ready to have any and all of your favorite foods and snacks?

Because today, May 11th is the National Eat What You Want day!

Did you know…

Five Most Popular Foods in US

  1. French Fries
  2. Hamburgers
  3. Fried Chicken
  4. Eggs
  5. Pizza


Today’s Food History

  • 1838 R.I.P. Thomas Andrew Knight. British horticulturist and botanist who experimented with geotropism, phototropism and heliotropism.
  • 1886 W. Marshall patented a ‘grain binder.’
  • 1934 The Dust Bowl.  One of the worst dust storms ever to hit the Great Plains occurred. It lasted 2 days and the area lost massive amounts of top soil.
  • 1946 The first CARE packages for survivors of WW II in Europe arrive at Le Havre, France. (Cooperative for American Remittances to Europe).
  • 1947 B.F. Goodrich announced the development of the tubeless tire.
  • 2002 Joseph Bonanno, a former Mafia boss known as ‘Joe Bananas,’ died in…

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A Belly Full of Jelly (Beans, that is)


I know that many of you know that April 22 is Earth Day. But, did you know, that it is also National Jelly Bean Day?  On that date, don’t forget to check out Foodimentary’s blog, as he always has cool food-related facts and trivia. For my next post, I will review a few brands of jelly beans, but for this post, I will share a few recipes which include jelly beans. While jelly beans do not do well in the oven,  they can be an ingredient for final decorating stage. If you can manage to not eat all the jelly beans as soon as the bag is opened (I’m still working on that, myself), save some for these recipes:

Here is an Easter cake, courtesy of Taste of Home.


An easy idea for a small treat/table decoration:



For white chocolate-jelly bean bark:



3 Musketeers – All for One, One for All!



If you follow Foodimentary’s page, you know that today is National Nougat Day.  As usual, he has many interesting facts – linguistic, historical – which tie into the featured food item.  My favorite candy car, the 3 Musketeers bar, is mentioned here.  Over the years, 3 Musketeers has had different seasonal and limited edition flavors, which have included cherry, strawberry, French vanilla, raspberry, hot cocoa, marshmallow, coconut, and mint.  What flavor 3 Musketeers would you like to see?  Would it be more mainstream, like 3 Musketeers Cinnamon? 3 Musketeers Cappuccino? Or would your new flavor be more on the wild side, like 3 Musketeers Wasabi or Maple Bacon 3 Musketeers?

images (3)            images (2)

Manufactured by the M&M/Mars company, 3 Musketeers, along with Milky Way, Snickers, and M&M’s, are all gluten-free. A list of different gluten-free candies, highlighted by manufacturer, can be found at:


And, finally, a recipe for 3 Musketeers cupcakes:

IMG_2034                         IMG_2056