Still Working on Presentation

It was another one of those, “What do I want for dessert?  What do I have on hand?  What can I put together?” moments. I had several pizzelles, always enjoyable, but very thin, so only so much can added onto the pizzelle. In the fridge was a ripe peach looking at me, saying, “take me.”  Now, just one more ingredient.  Also in the fridge were whipped topping and cream cheese.  One seemed too light, and the other too heavy.  So, I mixed a little of each along with a little maple syrup, vanilla, and cinnamon. It all sounded good, waiting to be assembled and then eaten.  Once plated though, it looked sort of plain.  I threw a few goji berries on for added color, but it still did not look right.


Then, I realized that the orange colored plate was making the peach slices and the pizzelles look pale, and thus unappealing. So, I grabbed  a plate with a lot of green and blue trim and dusted ground cinnamon around the plate, adding another contrasting color.  I transferred the cookies from the orange plate to the other plate and spooned a little whipped cream on top.




It was a good-tasting dessert, not too heavy, not too sweet. Of course, the plate itself did not change the flavor of the dessert creation.  But, I did enjoy it more, knowing that I was able to make it a little more aesthetically appealing.