March 6 National Oreo Day

March 6

Today being the day of the Oreo, I feel inspired to make some type of cookies and cream dessert.  I’ll have to think about, look over some recipes, hit the grocery store, and then prepare the dessert.

March 7

A lot of different dessert recipes have been created using Oreo cookies: cheesecake, pies, sundaes, and shakes, to name but a few.  I thought I would try something different and use the Oreo cookie to make another kind of cookie. First, I looked in the cupboard to see what ingredients I had on hand: a package of sugar cookie mix, a box of Oreo-flavored pudding mix, cookies and cream sprinkles, and white icing.

I went to the grocery store for eggs, and while I was there I picked up a package of mini Oreos and a package of one of the more recent new flavors, Cookie Dough Oreos.  Back home, I began making a cookie which would pay tribute to the Oreo.  First, I combined my dry ingredients: the sugar cookie mix, Oreo flavored pudding mix, and a little flour.  I wanted to add some crushed Oreos, but first I had about 1/3 of a cup of the cookies and cream topping and used those up.  Since I had bought a bag of mini Oreos, I crushed a handful of those and added them to the dry ingredients.  I simply crushed them between sheets of parchment paper. You could also crush the cookies in a mini food processor, if you have that small appliance.

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Next, I melted a stick of butter.  This and two eggs are the only wet ingredients I used.  At this stage, care needs to be taken with the butter.  It needs to cool somewhat before mixing with the eggs, or else the heat may start cooking the eggs.  Likewise, if the butter cools too much, it could start to solidify and then will not mix as well with the dry ingredient mixture.

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