In Response to Life’s After Party: HIMYM Sucks

Since this posting is a little too long for a reply, I am posting my thoughts here and pinging it back (or is it “pingbacking”?) to Life’ After Party’s blog on CBS’s sitcom, “How I Met Your Mother.”

Originally, I did not care for HIMYM.  I watched the pilot episode and thought that the way it ended was a cheap hook to get people to watch every week.  During the next few years, I watched an episode here and there when I couldn’t find anything else to watch.  Like you, there are certain characters whom I find over-the-top, often to the point of being annoying. Yet, the stories themselves were clever.  I then saw HIMYM and “Rules of Engagement” (not as zany as HIMYM, but in my opinion, a better show) as “Friends” and “Seinfeld” for the new generation.

So, I began to watch HIMYM more and more, torn between the clever writings and the good actors playing 2-dimensional characters. Overtime, HIMYM became more and more of a disappointment.  Okay, a lot of time is spent in a bar (as opposed to a diner or coffeehouse), and once in a while someone may be tipsy, even drunk.  But, what is with all the pot?  Even those viewers who never saw the original reference, know what the characters are talking about when they go on about “sandwiches”.  While tuned into CBS, I watched other sitcoms as well:  “Two and a Half Men,” “2 Broke Girls,” and other sitcoms which helped lower the standards of the CannaBiS network.

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The ocean called, they’re running out of shrimp!

If you know the response to the line in the title, you’re probably a Seinfeld fan. (Not that’s there anything wrong with that.)

Here I am thinking whether or not I had anything to add to my blog.  The TV is on; I’m watching a Seinfeld episode.  This show ended its original run over 15 years ago, yet it’s still relevant and very funny.  Then I had a thought: Is there anything Seinfeld-related that I can put on my blog? Perhaps a recipe for black-and-white cookies.

After googling simply, “Seinfeld food,” I find this site:  There are 10 recipes, each with a color photo of the food and a brief reference of the food to a Seinfeld episode.  And, yes, one of the recipes is for a black-and-white cookie.

That is why I buy unsalted pretzels.

That is why I buy unsalted pretzels.